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Partner Yoga

Experience the ultimate connection through our Partner Yoga classes. These sessions include hatha yoga styles such as restorative, vinyasa, and even chair yoga, making it accessible for all bodies. Bring a friend, family member, co-worker, or significant other to deepen your practice and bond through synchronized movements and breathwork. Our expert instructor will guide you through a unique and intimate practice that cultivates trust, communication, and relaxation. Join us and discover the power of unity in yoga.

  • Pricing specs

    Single session purchases are recommended for those who have not tried partner yoga and are unsure of how often they'll be practicing.

    Once weekly indicates that you are in need of 4 sessions a month. Please add all 4 sessions to the cart if this is your selected option.

    Once monthly indicates that you are in need of 1 session in a month, and would like to continue on an ongoing basis.

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