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16 Sea Moss Gel (Plain)

16 Sea Moss Gel (Plain)

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Our Sea Moss Gel (Plain) is a nutrient-dense, vegan-friendly gel made from 100% organic sea moss. This superfood is rich in natural minerals, high in iron and antioxidants that make it an all-around immunity booster and weight loss aid. Our Sea Moss Gel is perfect for adding to smoothies, juices, and other recipes to help support your overall health and wellness. This product is available for pick up only at our Wellness Services and Health Food store. Try our Sea Moss Gel today and experience the benefits of this powerful superfood for yourself!


  • Product features

    Anti-inflammation, Anti-aging , Antibacterial , and Antiviral compounds. Supports your wellness goals!

  • Pickup only

    Sorry, there is no option for delivery at this point in time. However, we aim to serve you. Please inquire about pickup.

8 Ounces
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